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Name:Brendan & Vincent's Place
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One day Joe Flanigan made an appearance as the character Vincent on Dawson's Creek.

Things melted.

One day Joe Flanigan was in a movie called Thoughtcrimes playing the character Brendan Dean. More melting occurred.

melagan's brain did strange things as she came to the realization these two characters were different enough that they could easily be slashed together.

The idea of 2 times naked Joe Flanigan had to be shared.

She dragged in ras_elased which was only fair since that's who showed her the Vincent clip in the first place.

Then, of course, melagan's brain twin neevebrody immediately understood the appeal and we have been happily doing naughty, delicious things to the characters ever since.

Screencaps: Neevebrody; Beth @ Dedicated to Stargate SG-1

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Header: neevebrody
textures: sanami276
screencaps: my own; Joe Flanigan Info

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