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title: Rescue Blanket
author: Neevebrody
pairing: Brendan/Vincent
rating: PG
words: ~1700
warnings: could be triggery for anxiety disorder – and not betaed
notes: Not sure where this came from – I started it during a particularly hellish week where work and RL converged in a not-so-good way.
summary: All his pulse points throb with a deep, resounding rhythm; it ramps up even more now that he's noticed it.

I even managed a cover (of sorts)

Rescue Blanket2

Rescue Blanket... )
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title: Red Sky at Night
author: neevebrody
rating: Hard R
word count: ~970
beta: the always wonderful, [livejournal.com profile] mischief5
flashfic challenge prompt: Storm
summary: It quickened his breath and rattled his heart against the bars of his ribcage. An emotional tantrum designed to drag Vince deeper and deeper to a place he never wanted to escape from.

Red Sky at Night... )
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Insomnia is an often cruel, but wonderful thing. This is the result of finding a fabulous base and this exchange with [livejournal.com profile] ariadne83. The drabble is fine, but the manip is NSFW.

Carnal, the drabble

When it started, he can't say… not even to Vince. Because Vince likes to think he had some part in it, and that's okay, but it's more fair to say he awakened it.

The cool flutter against rough skin and the tight hug that quickly warms more than the surface. But it's out now; he can't hide it any longer. Doesn't want to. It's something he needs, something he wants. Not all the time. He's still practical, if not conservative.

For those special times when the only thing more important than that silky whisper, is the light in Vincent's eyes.

Carnal, the manip... )
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I was feeling a bit under the weather and to warm me right to my cockles [livejournal.com profile] neevebrody made be a soul heating manip and wrote some Brendan/Vincent to go with it.

NSFW so under a cut it goes- a little something for the pornish soul...

in a little something...Road Trip

Yeah, my cockles are way warm now. You see why I had to share? *g*


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