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Title: Days Like These
Author: Neevebrody
Rating: NC-17
Words: ~3,000
Warnings: A bit of cross-dressing, rimming, language, not betaed
Legal: Only their story belongs to me
Notes: You might remember this NSFW photo and post… well this little story has been inside my brain ever since. It was supposed to be a solo act, but then Vince lost interest in dinner and got curious…

The fit around his waist isn't breathlessly tight, almost comfortable, and as he turns to look over his shoulder into the mirror, even his ass looks hot. )
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I was just catching up with my flist and came across a post on [livejournal.com profile] mashimero's journal that linked to a prompt on the SGA kinkmeme based on the extremely NSFW image behind the cut...

So, who is this... )
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No, not a new fetish, just simple domestic bliss - those "little things" that make living together such an adventure. I'm inclined to continue with the Spring theme and just add a bit of domesticity to the mix.

Like when Brendan's thrown the windows open in the bedroom, put a fan in front of them to bring in some fresh Spring air. He's changing the linens on the bed... "Grab a corner," he tells Vince, who's just walked in, shedding books and papers and shoes and clothes as he does so. Brendan's already fitted on the bottom sheet and patiently waits for Vince to grab the top sheet on the other side of the bed. There's nothing distracting at all about Vince in his boxer briefs slowly winding his hands around the sheet. Or the way the fan teases Brendan with little nips of Vincent's scent - spicy with a bit of salt-licked skin.

He gives Vince a look and throws his hip out like - "seriously"? It doesn't surprise Brendan when Vince jerks the sheet from his hands, when he gives him that grin that would make the Devil himself stutter, and it doesn't - or shouldn't - surprise him when, in a move like a cat, Vince tackles him from behind and flips him over onto the bed, pinning Brendan's arms out to the side, the curve of his semi-hard bulge digging hot into Brendan's hip.

"This is how you help make up the bed?" Brendan suppresses his grin and forgets about all the things he'd hoped to accomplish today, secretly hoping Vince has much more in mind than just a little tussle.

But Vince already has his nose buried in Brendan's crotch - maybe this time he'll get that button undone with his teeth.

Vince looks up, smiling in victory. "I believe in getting a bed good an' messy before making it up," he says, then goes back to his hands-free attempt at stripping Brendan.

The playful little growl rumbles up through Brendan's balls, making him shudder. At this point Brendan doesn't care about the bed or the sheets, he just moans as another cool breeze floats over him, stiffening his nipples. As far as he's concerned, Vince is always at the top of his to do list.


May. 8th, 2011 06:42 pm
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Spring is finally here! It's the end of a long, cold winter for everyone, and the guys are finally able to enjoy seeing each other without four layers of clothes!

How do you think they're enjoying the fresh air? Lazy Sunday blowjobs with the breeze from the windows pebbling their skin? Mornings spent at the farmer's market or playing basketball followed by steamy afternoon showers? They're ready to shake off the cabin fever and play, inside and out! What do you think they're doing today?
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Still a bit under the weather, so I thought we'd do something strictly for fun. This is not a contest! Feel free to jump in and caption this:

Post as many captions as you like and you're not limited to one-liners either. Hey, someone might get inspired and break out into comment fic - which we would love, by the way.
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Because I am in the middle of finishing a story for a deadline, I'm doing a bit of recycling this evening. To prompt some comment fic or just porny musings, I'm re-using the pics under the cut, and I won't say any more - just let the photos speak for themselves.

NSFW images... )
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Not having much of a brain for a prompt or theme, I decided to post a little ficlet I started weeks ago for the warm weather thing... It's unbetaed and just something I came up with after having the picture in my mind of warm weather, hot bodies, hands and balls and touching and stuff. Not to mention it's something I've actually managed to finish!

Title: Workin' for the Weekend
Author: neevebrody
Words: 780
Rating: NC-17 to be safe
Legal: No matter how hard I've wished it, they're still not mine

What's a few losses on the court compared with that impish grin and a dogged determination to rock his world? )
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We've had lovely weather here this weekend - the kind where you can turn down the heat and shed the sweaters and coats. The kind that teases with that first blast of sunny skies and higher temps. I thought about picnics and long walks and warm, sweaty bodies and Brendan and Vincent.

I know it's not really Spring yet and Spring in New York isn't quite the same as it is here, but I wonder... What do the boys do with that first break in the weather? Vince probably digs out the shorts and flip flops and Brendan might take to going barefoot inside. What about a picnic? Do they toss around a football, or find a neighborhood court where they can shoot some hoops? Maybe there's a park nearby they can walk to or a private rooftop where they can get a little make-out time in the sun or under the stars. Ah, the rites of Spring... I'm so ready!
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My needs are simple this Steamy Sunday... I'm thinking about sleepy-eyed, bed-tousled, muzzy-headed boys. A quick forty winks, just waking up, or late night nuzzles - as long as there are soft lips, fond looks, and warm hearts involved. And if all that should lead to something a little more steamy... Mmmmmmmm
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We've had kissing:

Wake Up Kiss"


"Triple Overtime"

So now let's have some hearts and flowers - figurative or literal. Let's have some Wooing! I can imagine a lot of wooing between these two, from the strictest sense of the word to easing hurt feelings, to sweetening a little persuasion or even when Brendan insists on yet another night of basketball during March Madness!

Do the boys have similar attack plans, strategies? What's each one's sure fire, never fail approach? And just how fail safe is it? Maybe they've used it so much it becomes necessary to employ an outside person for help...

There's room here for everything - sugary sweet to collar-steaming porn. Think of the possibilities, then tell us all about it.

just in case you need a bit of visual inspiration... )
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This year for my birthday, [livejournal.com profile] chkc asked me to give her a prompt and she would draw a little something for me. Since I really love the way she does Brendan and Vincent, I made that my pairing and my prompt was "late for work." This weekend she sent me the sketch and I'm pretty sure I sat there admiring it - lovingly - for an amount of time some people might consider unhealthy. It's gorgeous and hot and did I mention that she does the boys so well? Seriously, this drawing makes me so happy. It's also a little NSFW, so it goes behind the cut. I was instantly inspired to write a little something and that gave me the idea for tonight's post. Hopefully, you'll all be inspired as well... just how many ways could the boys be "late for work"?

Late for Work...the drawing (click to make it bigger) )

The Rules...the ficlet )
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What is/are your favorite bit/bits of canon for Brendan and Vincent? And tell us, please, how that relates to making the boys work as a pairing, how it makes one the perfect match for the other. Also, feel free to elaborate or illustrate your point.
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Hypothetically... let's say I spent the afternoon looking through scrapbooks, yearbooks, old birthday cards and the like. And let's say I happened to find a very telling photograph from college - maybe even Spring Break - that belonged to one of the boys. Question is, which one? Does the photo belong to Brendan or to Vincent?

More behind the cut... )
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Everyone has them so I don't think Brendan and Vincent are exempt. Junk food and vegging on the couch? What about that certain site on the internet? What CD do they hide from the world? Which movie don't they want each other to know they've seen a dozen times? What TV show are they totally addicted to? What else?

Tell me about the boys' top 5 guilty pleasures!
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[livejournal.com profile] neevebrody and [livejournal.com profile] melagan have the day off today, so I'm sneaking in here with a surprise Steamy Sunday: Secrets!

Do Brendan and Vincent have secrets? Do they keep secrets from the world? From each other? Do they share secrets? Naughty secrets? Dangerous secrets? What happens when one of them discovers a secret about the other?

What about the first time Vince finds out that Brendan loves those lacy, racy little briefs so much that he wears them to work?

Does Brendan ever find out that Vince has a thing for naughty doings in stairwells?

What secret would you like to share?
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Hi everybody :) Here are some icons snaggable for Steamy Sunday enjoyableness!

icons! one pic is NSFW )
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Thanks to all of you who voted and participated in helping to name our day of sinful delights. I'm of the mind that interpretation is the greater portion of many things and, as a community with a rather shared vision, I'm curious as to everyone's interpretation of "steamy." Show or tell... your choice - but please do share.

I've put a few "inspirational" bits behind the cut for obvious reasons. (NSFW)

Welcome to Steamy Sunday... )


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