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Title: Triple Overtime
Author: Neevebrody
Rating: R
Words: 2,500
Warnings: Language and no dearth of legal terminology
Legal: Not mine – I wish
Beta: The always wonderful, [livejournal.com profile] mischief5, but goodness the tinkering – all mistakes are mine.
Notes: This started out as a short kissing ficlet that I very nearly gave up on and grew into something else – and just in time for [livejournal.com profile] mezzo_cammin's birthday, too!
Summary: Just because Vince takes the long way around to get there, doesn't make the kissing any less sweet…

Triple Overtime )
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Just had to get one more smooch in before Steamy Sunday

Title: Vacationland
Rating: PG
Word count: 235

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Author: [livejournal.com profile] melagan
Rating: R (for language)
Word Count:214

Vincent stared down at his hands and tried to steady his breathing. He needed to get back some of his control. Brendan was waiting for him in the living room and probably wondering why Vincent had jumped up and bolted for the kitchen.

Oh, fuck. Vincent’s head thunked against the kitchen cabinet. He was ready for sex with Bren, more than ready. Just thinking about Brendan’s mouth made his cock sit up and take notice. He knew he wasn’t misreading the signals. Brendan wanted this too. Except – Vincent brought his hand up to his chest, protecting its invisible treasure – this was suddenly more than a romp with a casual lover.

Brendan had completely disarmed him when he’d taken Vince’s hand and pressed a warm kiss into the center of it. This wasn’t the gesture of a man looking for a one-night stand. This was so much more than a hard fuck and a morning-after fumble for shoes with an “I’ll call you” promise left in the dust.

He could run or he could take a chance on his heart. He thought about Brendan Dean’s clear green eyes and his courage in laying it all out there, his expression so open, it almost hurt to see.

Vince grinned. He’d always had a thing for bravery.


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