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In trying to come up with something to capture your attention this evening, one phrase kept ringing in my head... tender mercies.

Tender mercies? Do you put the emphasis on tender or mercy? Is that when Brendan finally relents and removes the cuffs from Vincent's wrists, after having sat over Vince's face for god knows how long in his new leather garter/bustier thingy? Or maybe it's Brendan who needs to be... unrestrained. Hmmmm, your thoughts? (I have company this evening, but I will be looking forward to coming back to this)

(to [livejournal.com profile] berryann: no, I haven't forgotten about the screencap you sent... I'm working on it and it may fit nicely right here)
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He was doing it again, coming up behind him until Brendan could feel Vincent’s breath on the back of his neck. He’d stand there until Brendan was almost twitchy with anticipation. Bren could feel the heat radiate from Vincent’s body, close enough to touch but not touching. It was a tease and a temptation and anybody’s guess who would break first.

Sometimes it was Vince, caressing Bren’s nape with slow warm kisses as he leaned into him. Sometimes Brendan broke first, completely unable to stop himself from turning and pulling Vince into a hot, eager kiss.

It wasn’t a game, not really. It was need and desire. It was coming together after too many hours in the day apart. Maybe some day they’d get to the L word or maybe not. For now, they were speaking the same language and saying all they needed to say.


Ah, the language of love, Brendan and Vincent style. I’m curious of course, how many different ways might they express this feeling they have for each other? I’m thinking, talking about it is a little low on the list.
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Anyone remember those Stretch Armstrong dolls... how you could stretch them in all directions... not a pleasant feeling I can assure you. Anyway, I'm picking up on something that [livejournal.com profile] melagan posed last Saturday, especially her title - Manly Things - and kind of recycling it for this week. There must be many manly things between Brendan and Vincent, right? Daily rituals, thoughts, the right way to cook a steak, coffee shop etiquette... I'll start.

Title: That Crazy Mind-Loop Thing
Rated: R
Warnings: Guy point of view
Real Time Beta by: the lovely [livejournal.com profile] mischief5
Word Count: ~600
Legal: It feels like I own them, but I don't

a bit of manly musing... )
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I have baby-sitting duties this evening, so the porn will have to wait... In keeping with the high temps everywhere, I'm using one of the shirtless-Vince caps. YUM! You know how this works: we'll take submissions through Monday Midnight EST, voting will go up Tuesday and we'll know the winner on Thursday. You can submit up to 3 captions if you like and I thought we'd do something a little different. Like the icontests, there will be a Mod's Choice winner as well. Good luck!

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Don't know about where you are but here it's the hottest damn summer we've had in a long while. It's air you can wear. It's 85F at 3:00 in the morning. In a word, it's fucking miserable.

The northeast hasn't escaped the heatwave either. Brendan and Vincent haven't escaped it. They walk around the apartment in just their underwear or nothing at all and the fans do no more than move the sultry air around from one corner of the room to the next. Tempers might be a little short in the heat and personal space is a premium. So... how do the boys cool off? How do they get off? I mean, walking around like that has to get the juices flowing, but what do they do when it's too hot to fuck?

Actually, [livejournal.com profile] melagan got this party started earlier with this post, so feel free to answer at either place (or both!) C'mon, the boys are creative. Cool showers, ice... tell us about it.
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I had something all planned for tonight and then I was checking email and got sidetracked by one of those sidebar items on Gooogle Mail - you know what I'm talking about, right?

So, what do you think Brendan has tucked away in that special drawer of his? Did he buy them? Did Vince? Maybe they went online and shopped together... hmmm, I wonder how that ended up??

click for the pretties...NSFW )
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Tonight we have a vocab lesson. According to dictionary.com, the definition of epitome is:

"... representative or perfect example of a class or type: 'He is seen . . . as the epitome of the hawkish, right-of-center intellectual'"

Some people don't understand the appeal of our boys as an OTP, which is their perfect right. But if you had to explain, cajole or convince... what, to you, epitomizes Brendan and Vincent - the pairing? Tell us, show us... we're just darned curious and need to know. Uhm, please. *g*
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It's still officially Saturday by my clock, so how about another caption competition? Same rules as before: we'll take submissions through midnight (EST) on Monday, a poll will go up on Tuesday for voting, and the winner will be announced on Thursday. Remember, each person can submit up to 3 captions. Just reply to this post with your best one-liners. All comments are screened. Have fun!

And your screencap:

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You know, there are all kinds of 'kissing' fests for our other favorite fandom pairings - there's mcsmooch, non-mcsmooch and now 'established relationship' kisses at Casa McShep. So I thought... a little kissing fest for Brendan and Vincent, right?

WRONG! I'm thinking HUGS. There aren't any nice little fests for hugs of any kind (that I'm aware of) so we'll be the first. I know what you're thinking, hugging? Brendan and Vincent might not admit it... but they do it, and there are so many ways they do it. Awkward hugs and manly hugs and friendly hugs and playful hugs... naked hugs and slippery shower hugs. How about sleepy hugs or grumpy hugs? Sick hugs and comforting hugs. Even hungry hugs and thankful hugs.

No word limits, we just want the hugging! An entire week of our boys hugging. Post as many hugs as you like in the comments to this post. We'll do a recap next Saturday's. *HUGS*
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Hi everyone! Forgive my lateness, it seems my body and mind needed sleep today, can you imagine that?

[livejournal.com profile] melagan and I discussed the possibility of a flashfic challenge for [livejournal.com profile] brendan_vincent because, obviously, the more of these guys the better, right?

So, I was thinking of rules, etc. and since we don't stand on a lot of ceremony around here, there aren't many:

1. A challenge would run for 2 weeks. The due date will be in the original post and there will be a reminder post.

2. The maximum word count is 1,000, with anything up to that acceptable as well.

3. For now, we'll be using prompts from a random prompt table. That's subject to change later if we get a lot of participation.

4. To post your challenge story, follow the same rules for posting as shown on the Info Page, but include your prompt somewhere in the header. Example:

word count:
flashfic challenge prompt:

And that's about it. I was reading recently about flash fiction and would love to get back to the roots of the genre: quick, in the moment, go with your gut, fics. We're really looking forward to seeing what comes of this and hopefully more of you will be inspired to write. I just know there's lots of steamy, lovely, angsty, romantic stories on the way.

The first challenge will start tonight and run through Saturday, May 22nd. Your prompt is: "storm"

We'd also really like to know what you think of this idea, so a tiny poll:
[Poll #1562003]
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I've been thinking today about who would be the better house-husband. Brendan? Vincent? Did Brendan live in order or chaos until he met Vince? And after? What about Vince? Does domesticity come natural to him?

We always like to envision the guys living a sort of blissful existence with each other, but is that entirely accurate? Does somebody squeeze the toothpaste wrong? Never put the socks in the right drawer? Could there be a little Felix/Oscar thing going on with these two? If so, are those roles so clearly defined? They're guys, yes, but there is that matter of homes and castles...

And lastly, if/when the disagree, what is it likely to be about? And who usually gives in first? More importantly, what does it take in order to get that submission?

Somehow or another, I feel the boys always end up on the same sheets, er, page, don't you?
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The manip for tonight's poll was done by My Artist, the very talented, [livejournal.com profile] berlinghoff79, and used with her kind permission, so be sure to leave her some love in the comments. That is... once you can string a coherent thought together.

Happy Saturday, lovelies!

This is what Brendan finds waiting for him after a day from hell... )
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Three Ps: Proud, Protective, Possessive.

I know we all love a possessive Brendan, but what about Vince? How are the boys protective of the other? And proud... you know they are. Examples??
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Because I need to be writing, I'm taking the easy way out tonight. Another caption competition. Same rules as before: we'll take submissions through midnight (EST) on Monday, a poll will go up on Tuesday for voting, and the winner will be announced on Thursday. To submit a caption, just reply to this post with your best one-liner. All comments are screened. Have fun!

And your screencap:

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Suit and tie. Not his style, not at all. Brendan is the suit guy and damn if he doesn’t wear it well. He’s more of a jeans and t-shirt fellow. Barefoot too, when he can get away with it.

But he’d promised Brendan he’d dress up for the occasion, after all it’s not everyday one’s significant other is being awarded a medal for heroism.

Vince adjusted his tie and checked out his reflection in the mirror. The black cloth stretched across his shoulders, tailored to perfection. Funny how all dressed up he looks even more like Brendan. They’ll make a striking couple when they walk into the dining hall together.

Vincent turned to check out the fit of his trousers across his ass. Not quite as spectacular as Bren’s, but he doesn’t think he’ll be getting any complaints tonight.

He just wonders how long it will take Brendan to figure out he isn’t wearing any underwear.


Oh those little surprises we find in reflections.

All kinds.

Found in a mirror, or his eyes. Reflections on a past, the future, or each other.

In honor [livejournal.com profile] cookiemom6067 for giving us of the Man in the Mirror podfic. We're tossing this Saturday open to, you guessed it - reflections.
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You know, I hate to follow one Saturday night discussion with another, but I have unexpected company and the topic is one I've actually been thinking about. Coming on the heels of [livejournal.com profile] vida_boheme's incredible Reflected Passions songmix - which if you haven't downloaded and listened yet, you are really missing a special treat - what kind of music do you think Brendan and Vincent listen to? Do they fight over the CD player or the iPod? Are their tastes diverse, or are they stuck in a time warp? And I suppose most importantly for Sinful Saturday, do they have sex to music? And if they do, what kind of music? [livejournal.com profile] melagan and I have our ideas, and it will be interesting to see if it's mentioned.

Along with that, is there a certain song that gets Brendan or Vince going? That one that when they hear it, they only think of one thing? And as long as we're sharing... do you have one of those?

Oh, and if you want to include a sample or a link with your thoughts, that would be so cool. The aforementioned songmix (and really all of Vida's mixes) have introduced me to some great music I would have never discovered otherwise.
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I think about Brendan and Vincent a lot.

And I can picture them doing things that are, *loosens collar* spinemeltlying sexy.

With Brendan and Vincent there is an element of sex appeal that makes my knees weak and listening to [livejournal.com profile] vida_boheme's music mix Reflected Passions is, shall we say, Quite Enabling.

I'm trying to put my finger on it, that subtle something that makes Vince and Brendan both so damn toe-curling hot, each in their own way.

Intensity comes to mind. So does vulnerability.

It's Saturday. Seems like a perfect time to throw this question to you guys. And if pictures, or fic or the like should happen to help you make your point, who am I to deny you?
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A Valentine's Day Drabble Tree to be exact. Here's and excuse to be as schmoopy or as naughty as you like, just use a word or phrase from any drabble already posted, and you can drabble as much as you like. And just because, here are a few rules:

1. All drabbles should relate to Brendan and Vincent.

2. A drabble is exactly 100 words, but if you go over by a few, well, *coff* only a few. The fun is getting it done in those 100 words.

3. Each drabble must include a word, phrase or sentence from any drabble already in the tree. The phrase can come from anywhere in the previous drabble and go anywhere in yours.

4. All drabbles must be posted as comments to this entry. Post each drabble as a reply to the one you took your phrase from.

5. Bold the words that you're rifting off in your drabble. Not sure how? < b > and < / b > (no spaces) is the code to use with your word or phrase stuck in between.

6. Everyone is welcome and there's no limit to the number of drabbles you can post - write as many as you want. That's just more for everyone to read.

7. Have fun and be inspired!

The beginning drabble is the first comment. Oh, and HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY from the boys ♥
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Just a couple of word prompts for you this time around.

Jealousy and Marking

I have no doubt you guys can appreciate the full potential of those two little words, be it fic, discussion or picspam and oh my, what pretty pictures it brings to mind.

credit to [livejournal.com profile] mezzo_cammin for the inspiration.
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Trying something new tonight – our first caption competition. Rules are easy enough: we'll take submissions through midnight (EST) on Monday, a poll will go up on Tuesday for voting, and the winner will be announced on Thursday. To submit a caption, just reply to this post with your best one-liner. All comments will be screened.

And your screencap:


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