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I was just catching up with my flist and came across a post on [livejournal.com profile] mashimero's journal that linked to a prompt on the SGA kinkmeme based on the extremely NSFW image behind the cut...

So, who is this... )
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What is/are your favorite bit/bits of canon for Brendan and Vincent? And tell us, please, how that relates to making the boys work as a pairing, how it makes one the perfect match for the other. Also, feel free to elaborate or illustrate your point.
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Thanks to all of you who voted and participated in helping to name our day of sinful delights. I'm of the mind that interpretation is the greater portion of many things and, as a community with a rather shared vision, I'm curious as to everyone's interpretation of "steamy." Show or tell... your choice - but please do share.

I've put a few "inspirational" bits behind the cut for obvious reasons. (NSFW)

Welcome to Steamy Sunday... )
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I had something all planned for tonight and then I was checking email and got sidetracked by one of those sidebar items on Gooogle Mail - you know what I'm talking about, right?

So, what do you think Brendan has tucked away in that special drawer of his? Did he buy them? Did Vince? Maybe they went online and shopped together... hmmm, I wonder how that ended up??

click for the pretties...NSFW )
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Tonight we have a vocab lesson. According to dictionary.com, the definition of epitome is:

"... representative or perfect example of a class or type: 'He is seen . . . as the epitome of the hawkish, right-of-center intellectual'"

Some people don't understand the appeal of our boys as an OTP, which is their perfect right. But if you had to explain, cajole or convince... what, to you, epitomizes Brendan and Vincent - the pairing? Tell us, show us... we're just darned curious and need to know. Uhm, please. *g*
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I've been thinking today about who would be the better house-husband. Brendan? Vincent? Did Brendan live in order or chaos until he met Vince? And after? What about Vince? Does domesticity come natural to him?

We always like to envision the guys living a sort of blissful existence with each other, but is that entirely accurate? Does somebody squeeze the toothpaste wrong? Never put the socks in the right drawer? Could there be a little Felix/Oscar thing going on with these two? If so, are those roles so clearly defined? They're guys, yes, but there is that matter of homes and castles...

And lastly, if/when the disagree, what is it likely to be about? And who usually gives in first? More importantly, what does it take in order to get that submission?

Somehow or another, I feel the boys always end up on the same sheets, er, page, don't you?
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You know, I hate to follow one Saturday night discussion with another, but I have unexpected company and the topic is one I've actually been thinking about. Coming on the heels of [livejournal.com profile] vida_boheme's incredible Reflected Passions songmix - which if you haven't downloaded and listened yet, you are really missing a special treat - what kind of music do you think Brendan and Vincent listen to? Do they fight over the CD player or the iPod? Are their tastes diverse, or are they stuck in a time warp? And I suppose most importantly for Sinful Saturday, do they have sex to music? And if they do, what kind of music? [livejournal.com profile] melagan and I have our ideas, and it will be interesting to see if it's mentioned.

Along with that, is there a certain song that gets Brendan or Vince going? That one that when they hear it, they only think of one thing? And as long as we're sharing... do you have one of those?

Oh, and if you want to include a sample or a link with your thoughts, that would be so cool. The aforementioned songmix (and really all of Vida's mixes) have introduced me to some great music I would have never discovered otherwise.
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I think about Brendan and Vincent a lot.

And I can picture them doing things that are, *loosens collar* spinemeltlying sexy.

With Brendan and Vincent there is an element of sex appeal that makes my knees weak and listening to [livejournal.com profile] vida_boheme's music mix Reflected Passions is, shall we say, Quite Enabling.

I'm trying to put my finger on it, that subtle something that makes Vince and Brendan both so damn toe-curling hot, each in their own way.

Intensity comes to mind. So does vulnerability.

It's Saturday. Seems like a perfect time to throw this question to you guys. And if pictures, or fic or the like should happen to help you make your point, who am I to deny you?
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I was going to post this as a poll, but it's really just two questions that can't be defined by formatted answers.

This is part of an ongoing discussion [livejournal.com profile] neevebrody and I were having earlier and we'd really like your side of the story.

1. What series of events brought you to fandom in the first place. (I turned beet red the first time I stumbled onto slash. Swore I would never read it again. I got over it.)

2. And because it's dear to our heart -- What brought you to the Brendan/Vincent fandom?

eta Here's my answer. I reserve the right to further elaborate, at any time, on the Brendan/Vincent portion of the question.
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I'm going to be brief because I'm having a few internet woes. (hopefully I can participate more later)

We speculate on the boys in all kinds of ways; first meeting, first kiss, first time an embarrassing kink is revealed, first time meeting the parents...

Let's talk first times. C'mon, you can tell me. It will be just between us.
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Since discussion posts seemed to be a big winner in the poll, and since I'm still recovering from turkey and family overload… I thought another discussion would be appropriate for this edition of Sinful Saturday. I know a lot of you probably have your own ideas as to backstory for these two, since we're given so little in canon, so we're going to discuss a little of that here. The topic is sexual orientation. Gay, straight (and gay for one another) or bisexual? Or, have these orientations changed over the years for either Brendan or Vincent?

I know what my own feelings are, my own canon, but I'll hold those thoughts and weigh in later. This time is yours… feel free to discuss, pose questions, give examples, whatever you'd like.
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We need 'em, we don't have them enough. see poll.** This coincides nicely with what's on my brain right now.

We love Brendan and Vincent. But I wonder how their relationship looks to others. Especially their early relationship. How tempted is Freya to 'read' Vincent? Is a given? What about on Vincent's end? And here I'm a little weak on Dawson's Creek canon, but I'd love to have a sneak peek to that side too.

So, how about some pov from co-workers, friends, the donut guy (who's terribly jealous)--even the sheets on the bed Read more... )
So bring us your outsider point of view!

**Poll will stay open for at least 2 weeks. We're always looking for suggestions


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