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Title: My Valentine
Rating: PG
Word count: 268
Summary: They each get a special Valentine

Vince stared at the card. "Okay, I get avoiding the typical pink flowers and white lace tradition but what is this - some kind of NSA special?" Vincent asked.

"Admit it, you think it's cool." Brendan said, grinning.

The card Vince held was completely black. The only decoration, if you wanted to call it that, was an embossed heart, equally black in the lower right hand corner. Not the image of a heart just the word spelled out in small letters- so discreet it would be easy to miss. Vince opened the card and inside, in Bren's handwriting it said -

No violets
No roses,
No red, no blue
But my heart is yours
Solid and true

"I was going to write something about badges and guns and the NSA always getting their man except when we don't but Freya thought you'd like this better." Brendan shrugged. "It seemed sort of girly to me."

"I think you're allowed the occasional show of emotion on Valentine's Day, Bren."

"Good. Er, what are you smiling about, now?" Brendan asked.

"You gave me a valentine for our first Valentine's Day together."

"Yessss," Brendan said slowly. "So?"

"That makes us official."

"Official? Ah. In that case, where's my card?"

"Obviously I can't give it to you now. I'd be embarrassed. Next to this one, it's way too frilly But —" Vincent laced his fingers with Brendan's and tugged him towards the bedroom. "I've got something I can give you. He grinned. "It's not black and it doesn't have a fancy verse, but I'm damn sure you're not going to find it girly."

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