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Title: Under the Mistletoe
Author: [livejournal.com profile] melagan
Word Count: 540
Beta [livejournal.com profile] mischief5 mistakes=mine

Mistletoe. Brendan reached up to pull it down from the ceiling light. The poor plant was turning brown around the edges and sadly it was time for it to go. Besides, it had already served its purpose admirably.

Holding it in his hand, a fond smile crossed his face. The last time Vince caught him under the mistletoe shouldn't have taken him by surprise but it did. He was tired, his knee hurt from scaling over a wire fence during a chase, and somehow he'd bruised the knuckles on his left hand.

Brendan was thinking, bath, steamy hot water, a soak that would put the Romans to shame. He wasn't thinking about the mistletoe over his head. More to the point, he'd forgotten that Vince had gotten home early. But boy, did he remember fast when Vincent walked up, grinned, and with a surprising amount of care tipped him over one arm, laying a big, wet one on his cheek.


"Don't take this the wrong way but you look like something the cat dragged in." Vincent began undoing Brendan's tie. "Still sexy as hell, mind you, Agent Dean." Vince kissed him on the nose. "Bath? It's ready and waiting."

"You read my mind."

"Naw, but Freya might have given me a head's up."

"Oh hell, she said she wouldn't do that."

"Relax, Bren. She just called to tell me your day was a little rougher than usual. She's your partner. And, thank god, she's not shy about letting me know when you're had a bad day. No mind-reading involved. Honestly, I think she's gotten a tad concerned with finding out details about our sex life she really doesn't want to know." Vince finished with the last of Brendan's shirt buttons and pushed it off his shoulders. "Mmmm, nice. Sometimes, I hate your job, but damn, it keeps you in great shape." He brushed his thumb over one of Brendan's nipples.

"You, ugh…god, that's…" Brendan gasped.

"Bath now, then?"

Vince's hand was on his cock, caressing it through the thin fabric of his trousers, getting him hard and making it impossible to think.

"Evil man, evil, evil tease," Bren managed to choke out.

"Oh, I think you'll forgive me once we're in the tub." Vince tugged him toward the bathroom. "Didn't I mention I stocked up on waterproof lube?"


There was a lot more to that memory. A hell of a lot more. He could indulge later, but right now, there were more decorations to put away, and the poor forlorn mistletoe to take care of.

He stilled when Vince came up behind him and put his arms around him. A soft breath grazed his ear with Vince's words, "I hate to see it go. It's been a hell of a good time having it around."

"It wasn't made to last forever," Brendan said," but…" He waggled his eyebrows at Vince. "I don't see why we can't have fresh mistletoe for New Year's. Easter—"

"—Valentine's, St Paddy's Day." Vince grinned. "I like the way you think. We should throw in birthdays…I mean, c'mon, everyone's got a birthday!"

"So I guess we're going to…"

Vince was already nodding. "Yep, we're putting the local florist on speed dial."

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