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Title: Morning Coffee
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Morning Coffee

Vince stood at their kitchen counter pouring the morning coffee. He gave a sad shake of his head at the sheer variety of options their cupboard held. Sugar, brown sugar, fake sugar, powered creamer, and of course the fridge held, milk, half-and-half, and the odd flavor or two of coffee creamer that he suspected only had a passing relationship with real cream.

Brendan explained it to him once. How he liked a regular coffee, one cream, two sugars. Sometimes black, sometimes whatever was available. Over the years, he'd learned to be grateful for coffee anyway he could get it. Hot was nice but even the cold dregs left at three a.m. were appreciated when it mean staying awake long enough to catch the perpetrator.

Vince measured out a teaspoon of sugar. As he stirred it into Brendan's favorite mug, he fondly remembered the morning of that conversation. It was their first morning after. The real kind. The kind that wasn't a rush to pull on clothes and slip out the door before your partner woke. It was the kind where he woke up with Brendan's arms around him then Bren gave him a silly, quick peck on the end of his nose and offered to make breakfast.

Not ready to let Brendan out of his sight, or really even more that two feet away, Vince followed him into the kitchen. Brendan looked sexy as hell. Bed head, rumpled, mouth still swollen from kisses, frankly, he looked ready to be rolled straight back into bed.

Deciding to help by making the coffee, Vince asked, "How do you take it?" It was an innocent enough question. He didn’t expect Brendan back up against the counter and stare down at his feet.

Baffled, Vince wanted to reach out but forced himself to wait for the explanation. Brendan stood there, cotton pajama pants sliding down one hip and cheeks flushed with color. He looked more flustered than he did when he was down on his knees sucking Vince's cock for the first time. And he looked like if he said the wrong thing, Vince would bolt.

Brendan stood there raking his hands nervously through his hair and finally said, "It's the job. I love it, but after so many years, and innumerable stakeouts…well, you take what you can get." He gave Vince a sheepish grin. "Oh hell, I don't even know how I like it anymore. Just fix it and I'll consider it good as long as it's hot and fresh."

That conversation happened months ago, but Vince remembered it like it was yesterday. He took it to heart, and this morning, oh hell, every morning he could he was going to make the coffee. And every morning, he'd try a different combination just to see the smile it put on Bren's face. Because, Brendan had confessed, it wasn't how he had his coffee and it wasn't having a favorite kind, it was the freedom of having a choice.
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